Gábor Halász is an emerging choreographer who represents his artistic versatility in numerous forms. In addition to being a choreographer-dancer he also creates electronic music, designs and builds his own scenery. His progressive choreographic works aim to break through the limitations and bounderies of individual dance techniques in order to open new perspectives for the freedom of artistic expressions. Melting together classical vocabulary and contemporary approaches, he combines small, rhytmical and huge, dynamic movements in space. Therefore his pieces require precision in movement and a dominant stage presents. Because of his knowledge in music production and sound design he developed a unique sensitivity to the audio enviroment in his pieces to underline his artistic statements. His curiosity drives him to continue experimenting and attempting to translate social issues, professional positions, personal relations and emotions to the universal physical language of dance. He focuses on the body of the dancers as a limitless tool to research the movements, expressions of the future.

”Working together for several years shows that he is an extremely creative, mature creator, who has his own voice and vision, as well as his own form of expression and is also able to express his thoughts, knowledge and personality through his work.” Pál Frenák


In parallel with his dancer career he started to develop his choreographic profile and his early works can be seen on international stages since 2007. After his dancer and choreographer activities at National Ballet de Marseille he continues as a freelancer artist in Budapest where in 2015 he receives the Viktor Fülöp choreographic scholarship. Later he worked as a choreographer for companies like the Wroclaw Opera, Central-Europe Dance Theater, Tellabor Company, G.G Dance Company – Eger and as an assistant choreographer for Company Pál Frenák in collaboration with the Hungarian National Opera. In 2018 he is one of the granted participants of Zoltán Imre Choreography Program. In the frame of this project he gains experience of managing his project based company (New Body Composition Co.) in Budapest and on tour. He is also committed to work with non professional projects and in the frame of education. He was commissioned to work with the students of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, the Hungarian National Dance University, National Art College of Pécs and Gangaray Artistic Program. In 2022 he receives the Master of Arts degree in Choreography at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. From 2022, in the frame of Artistic Masterclass Program of the same institut he starts a two-year research on the topic “Musicality in Dance Education and Choreographic practice”

”It is brilliant how Gábor Halász choreographed the nature of talent and the essential duality of it. He presents us what a liberating, distinctive energy this surplus has which resides in a person…” Viktória Pintér (


Thanks to his professional experience in the dance field, he has encountered a variety of  different choreographic approaches throughout his career. Therefore his classes offer a wide range of dance technical elements. His approach to dance is mainly influenced by the Forsythe Improvisation Techniques, Laban technique, Embodiment techniques that he integrated into his own teaching material. No matter if we talk about classical ballet, floor technique, jazz or Hip-hop; each dance technique requires strength, stability, flexibility, great focus, energy and rhythm. His progressive material step by step prepares the body and the mind for the more and more complex exercises and challenges. He emphasizes the importance of coordination and the ability of fitting in any kind of motion system. His courses are helping students to awaken interest in looking at their movement and body with an analytic approach and to build a stronger connection with their dance. With the great energy and the openness, what the participants experience during his classes he creates a creative and inspiring atmosphere in the studio.   

In the frame of his Artistic Masterclass Research he is currently developing a method for to sensibilize dancers for music and audio environment. This method could be implemented in any regular classes or teached in separate courses in order to improve the communication about musical matters. His knowledge in choreographic practice also prepares students for individual works and offers many different techniques and tools for movement generation and composition. With his experience in production processes, from the conceptualization to the actual performance he can guide students through developing their own choreographic ideas. 

In the past he was occasionally giving training at the National Ballet de Marseille. He gave guest lectures at Hungarian National Dance Academy, Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and Dance College of Pécs. He has also given workshops and training organized by Tanznetz Dresden, Central-Europe Dance Theater, Xin Jing Dance Company in Beijing, the Gangaray Artistic Program, Summer Artistic School in Kosenchin,  and he is one of the co-founders of the D.A.N.C.E. Summer Workshop Series in Krakow (2010 – 2014).