Gábor Halász represents his artistic versatility in numerous forms. In addition to being a choreographer-dancer he also creates electronic music and even sometimes builds his own scenery. He begins his dance studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Later he receives the scholarship of the Dance Apprentice Network Across Europe program based in Palucca University of Dance, where he works with choreographers like William Forsythe, Wayne Mc’Gregor and Angelin Preljocal. In 2009 he becomes a member of Ballet National de Marseille. During this time he worked with choreographers like Fréderich Flamand, Yasuyuki Endo and Olivier Dubois. From 2014 Gábor is a freelance choreographer and dancer based in Budapest. As a dancer he works with Company Pál Frenák, Badora Dance Company, PRevolution Dance Company, Tellabor Company and Inversedance Company.


Since 2007 – in parallel with his dancer career – his choreographies can be seen on international stages. After his dancer and choreographer activities at National Ballet de Marseille he continues as a freelancer artist in Budapest. In 2015 Gábor receives the Viktor Fülöp choreographic scholarship in Hungary. Later he works as a choreographer for companies like Opera Wroclaw, Central-Europe Dance Theater, Tellabor Company, G.G Dance Company – Eger and as an assistant choreographer for Company Pál Frenák. In 2018 he is one of the participants of Zoltán Imre Program, a complex, one year long program for choreographers. From 2020/21 he returns to Dresden to conclude his Master Choreography studies at the Palucca University of Dance.


Gábor Halász’s teaching method is based on the belief of intelligent body and on the fact, that the human body is made to move. Coordination and ability of fitting in any kind of motion system is the main goal of his classes. No matters is it’s classical ballet or high level of floor technique, each dance technics requires strength, stability, flexibility, great focus, energy and rhythm. His classes are liberating energy-flows in the body, which makes possible quick changes of directions and dynamic. With the great energy and the openness, what the participants experience during his classes creates a creative and inspiring atmosphere in the studio. He was giving daily training at the National Ballet de Marseille. He is given workshops in the Central-Europe Dance Theater,  Jin Xing Dance Theater in Beijing, at the Hungarian National Dance Academy, Budapest Dance Academy, Gangaray Artistic Program, Summer Aristic School in Kosenchin,  and he is one of the founder of the D.A.N.C.E. Summer Workshop in Krakow.