From 2021 I offer a new thematic workshop series. Each topic of the workshop is focusing on a separate foundational element of dance. Through exploring the natural functions and mechanics of the body and finding deeper relation with our movements helps to understand what are the characteristics of the body of each individual participant. During the full workshop you can discover relations in your body that you can apply any time in many different dance techniques. The workshops are offering a carefully selected series of exercises based on various training methods. Martial arts forms, traditional dance techniques, somatic methods and functional training methods are always aiming for the same principals: to support and enforce the natural capacities of the human body. We are working on the courses to find the best method and approach what works for you the best. With these new perspectives you are able to analyze your body and help you physical and mental development as a performing artist.


Our balance is the safe point where we come from and where we return. The balance is not something what we can find, we are in constant search for it. When we are standing, approximately 200 different muscles are working simultaneously to keep our postures and our axis. In this stability workshop we concentrate on our legs, center and balance. The aim is to enforce the connection with the ground and gain muscle power in order for be able to safely reach extreme body posture. Beside training the necessary important muscles and using somatic exercises the participants receive embodiment improvisation tasks to discover functional relations in their own body.

4-week workshop / 3 times a week / 90 minutes sessions / Language: English


We are free to move in space as much as our center of gravity in mobile. Walking, running, jumping and changing directions are foundational ways of moving the human body. In this course we examine closely the mechanics of these basic body functions from different perspectives. Because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, lot of dancers are unable to train in the right conditions. We do dance training in our living-rooms and other small places which are limiting our possibility to move big distances in space. As we practice in that limited space we adjust to that environment and the body is slowly forgetting how to move without these limitations. For this reason I believe it is really important to train our mind to move without these barriers. In that course we analyze the most effective ways of moving in space: what are the factors influencing how high we jump, how far we slide, how we transfer our weight in order to save energie and being free to cross big spaces.

4-week workshop / 3 times a week / 90 minutes sessions / Language: English


One movement can be presented in so many different ways and each quality can change the expression, and therefore the message what you are about to say. To differentiate different textures is like learning to speak a new language without mistakes. When we find and use the right muscle texture in our movement, it will specifies our gestures and shows what is the most relevant texture or quality to use in order to transmit your message to your audience. With embodiment exercises and various improvisational and creative tasks we will build a more divers vocabulary and will be able to find different shades of the same gesture.

4-week workshop / 3 times a week / 90 minutes sessions / Language: English


Today most of the choreographers require dancers to be creative and to being able to work alone and carry out tasks in order to create movement materials. There are many approaches and methods to help dancers to develop their own movement patterns or bring variation on an already existing material. In the course of Creative Tools you will get to know new ways of creating individual material through using these tools. No matter if it’s a new movement material what you have to create yourself or you take a reference from a choreography, in both cases can bring you new exciting results.

4-week workshop / 3 times a week / 90 minutes sessions / Language: English


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The courses will start with minimum 10 participant. You will get an invitation for a free information meeting via Zoom where you receive more information of the process and you can address your questions. In case you confirm that you are willing to participate in the course we will advance to the payment process and the schedule. When you complete the full workshop you will receive a document with all the tools and materials of the workshop.

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