Greetings, dear readers!
It’s been a whole year since I last checked in with you all, and what a year it has been! In this time, I’ve faced numerous professional challenges and, I’m pleased to say, gained a wealth of valuable experience. Today, I’m excited to share with you a recap of my endeavors over the past year and provide a glimpse into my plans for the future.

Music and Sound Design
One of the highlights of 2023 was the release of not one, but two albums: “SHERES” and “Heartbeat in Space.” These musical creations are now available for your listening pleasure on popular platforms like Spotify and various other music streaming services. Crafting these albums was a labor of love, and I’m thrilled to have shared them with the world. These albums of textured soundscapes are a creative treasure for choreographers, videomakers, and film directors seeking to craft captivating visual narratives. Diving into empty halls and imaginative realms, where music and atmosphere intertwine.

My journey in the world of sound design continued as I collaborated with a dynamic choreographer duo who lead the Miller De’Nobili company. Together, we brought “Don’t you Dare!” to life on the grand stage of the Festspielhaus HELLERAU in November 2022. The excitement doesn’t stop there; we already have our sights set on the next captivating production, promising yet another thrilling creative process.

University Research 
In October 2022, I embarked on a research project as part of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden program. This project is close to my heart as it aims to develop educational materials for dancers, enabling them to establish a stronger connection between their art and the auditory world. The past year was dedicated to intensive theoretical research, laying the groundwork for the upcoming phases of this project. The next two semesters will be devoted to testing the practical application of the exercises.

In  the realm of choreography, I had a remarkable experience in April 2023 at the Budapest Dance Festival. It was there that I had the privilege to present a stage adaptation of my dance film “Passage” during a double premiere. The same evening, I made my return to the stage with a solo performance titled “Feel Me.” As the year draws to a close, I’m delighted to share that I’ll be choreographing a piece for the Gdansk Ballet School. Titled “The Spirit of Gravity,” this performance will be presented on the Opera Baltic stage in December 2023. The piece draws inspiration from the philosophical writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, particularly his exploration of the “spirit of gravity” in the Thus Spoke of Zarathustra.

In conclusion, this past year has been a whirlwind of artistic growth and accomplishment across the domains of music, sound design, research, and choreography. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds as I continue to pursue my creative journey.  Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments on the horizon!


Checking In

TIME – The Baker’s Hour – On 21 September, we presented a new evening with G.G. Dance – Eger. The full-length performance, Long-Haired Despair, was based on the novel by Hungarian writer Géza Gárdonyi. I was one of the five choreographers presenting my new work, and I also created the original soundtrack for the whole evening. The 22/23 season started with many new challenges and exciting adventures.

Master of Arts research – After receiving my Master of Arts degree in early September 2022, my two-year research programme was accepted and supported by Palucca Dance University Dresden. For the next two years I will be conducting in-depth research on the topic of “Musicality in Dance Education and Choreographic Practice”. The demanding work ahead of me will require numerous consultations with dance professionals from a wide spectrum of styles, from classical ballet to break/urban dance.

Don’t you Dare – I have recently embarked on an exciting new musical creation for artist duo Chiara de’Nobili and Alexander Miller. The premiere of the full-length work will take place on 18 November 2022 at the Hellerau in Dresden.


PASSAGE – Dance film

Between two states in life there is always a moment when we are surrounded by emptiness. The old self is terminated, the new self has not yet been born. This moment is scary, it is liberating, it is mystical. Since the dawn of socio-cultural activities of humanity, we developed specific ceremonies to lead through people to another stage of life. These transformative rituals are the main inspirations of the dance film “Passage”

This film is created as the diploma work for the Master of Choreography degree in the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. I spent several months conceptual research in the field of cultural anthropology to theoretically support my work on the topic. During the choreographic process I was developing abstract illustrations of these complex socio-cultural relations. The final result of this work will be premiered on the 1. July 2022. Stay tuned!!



Even though the last two seasons were a difficult time for all who work in the performing arts field since the summer, many things were going on in my professional career. Let’s have an overview of my latest works.

Bridging Dimensions – Der Erkenende /Dessau/: We started the season with a premier of an interdisciplinary project at the BAUHAUS Festival in Dessau. The frame In-Pact collective presented a duett on the historical Appia stage in the BAUHAUS Museum.

Think Big Festival / Hannover/: I was commissioned for a music production by the young Portuguese choreographer Anibal Dos Santos. For last week’s musical creation process the Staatsballett Hannover hosted us in their facilities. Such a nice experience to work with a well prepared young artist as Anibal.

Ambivalent Gleams / Dresden/: As part of my Master studies I have been working with five of the bachelor students of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. In this master study program our education as a choreographer, built on the education of the bachelor dance students, therefore the creation process had ideal conditions for experimenting with new ideas.


New adventures are coming

I am looking forward a busy time in the following months. Let’s see where you can find me this summer…

26. 06.2021 – Dresden /DE/, Dresdner Societaetstheater – Space specific performance of Yamile Navarro /// LIVE SOUND DESIGN

29.06.2021 Budapest /HU/, National Dance Theater – FIG_HT (PREMIER) Full evening contemporary dance creation by the FrenAK & Radikal Dance Company /// MUSIC PRODUCER

14-20.06.2021 Pécs/HUN/, – Contemporary dance workshop and creation on the student of the Pécs High School of Art /// TEACHER / CHOREOGRAPHER

30.06 – 07.07. 2021 – Kosenchin /PL/ – Contemporary dance Workshop at Master Class Week /// TEACHER

20. 07.2021 – Dresden /DE/ – Hellerau – public sharing of a collaborative workshop of the MA Choreography of Palucca Hochschule and the Architecture of Technische Universität Dresden /// PERFORMER, CHOREOGRAPHER

21.-30.07.2021 – Kosenchin /PL/ – Contemporary dance Workshop at International Contemporary Dance Summer School ///TEACHER

09.-22.08.2021 – Hanover /DE/ Think Big Festival contemporary dance creation by the Annibal Dos Santos /// MUSIC PRODUCER

27.-28.08.2021 – Dessau /DE/ INPACT– Bridging Dimensions – Der Erkennende (PREMIER) – interdisciplinary performance in the Bauhaus Museum for opening ceremony of the Bauhaus Festival /// PERFORMER, CHOREOGRAPHER, MUSIC PRODUCER


Summer Artistic School in Poland

I kindly invite everyone to participate in the International Contemporary Dance Summer School in Kosenchin, Poland. As in the last few year I will again teach contemporary dance and repertoire. 10 days of isolation in a castle, full with dance. For further information please visit:


Short experimental dance video is released.

Recently, in the frame of the MA Choreography program of the Palucca Dance University we had video project. Really interesting results and fascinating feedback rounds and a lot of discussion. Out of that one week long process hereby you can see the result. Enjoy the video much as we enjoyed the process to make it.


Let’s see what is planned in the new season…

The season 20/21 has started with many new exciting possibilities in different fields. Beside my MA studies I continue my freelance activities as a choreographer and music producer. Unfortunately the COVID-19 restrictions makes it a difficult time for all of the theaters but still we are able to plan and likely we are able to hold on to the events. Let’s have a look on some upcoming events…

18/19.08.2020 Budapest, National Dance Theater – SpidER (PREMIER) Full evening contemporary dance creation by the FrenAK & the Radikal Dance Company ///MUSIC PRODUCER

30/31.10.2020 Budapest, House of Hungarian Movement Art – DIMENSIONS (PREMIER) Full evening contemporary dance creation by Hungarian Movement Art Company ///MUSIC PRODUCER

07.11.2020 Budapest, National Dance Theater – EXIsT (PREMIER) One act contemporary dance creation on a double bill evening by the company VASASMŰVEK ///MUSIC PRODUCER

4-10.01.2021 Pécs, – Contemporary dance Workshop and creation on the student of the Pécs High School of Art /// CHOREOGRAPHER


New challenges!

I’m really happy to publish that information, from 2020 September I will begin my studies at the Palucca Dance University in Dresden. I believe that completing the MA Choreography Program can give me new perspectives to methodize my theoretical and practical knowledge. I am certain this also can provide me a ​ platform for research and reconfirm my competency. It would open a whole new level for me to focus on my choreographic works and it could lead me to fulfill my biggest desire of my artistic carrier.


Dear Visitors!

I’m happy to publish to you my brand new website. Here you can find all the informations about my professional activities. The page is still under development new contents are about to add. Please wisit also my SoundClound profile and enjoy the music! I hope you will find my page informative. If you have any suggestion please leave me a message at the CONTACT menu point!

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