For over a decade, Gábor Halász has been immersed in the realm of electronic music and sound design. As a self-taught producer, his journey began by crafting Hip-Hop beats during his formative years, even recording local rappers. Concurrently, as he pursued professional dance education, he embarked on an artistic exploration of music. Subsequently, he delved into the world of Ambient music, a pursuit that spanned several years. In 2007, he marked a significant milestone by composing his inaugural original soundtrack for a contemporary dance performance.

In the present day, a majority of his choreographies are intricately woven with his unique electronic compositions. These compositions, characterized by the use of self-collected samples, reflect his unceasing quest for superior sound quality and intricate sonic textures. Gábor Halász’s involvement in the dance world extends beyond music creation. He has lent his musical talents to live dance performances, enhancing the experience as a live music performer. Additionally, he lends his creative expertise by crafting soundtracks for various choreographers and companies, including but not limited to Miller De’ Nobili, Yasuyuki Endo, Company Pál Fenák, Tellabor Dance Company, IN-PACT Production, Nahimana Wandenbuche, Małgorzata Zofia Czajowska, Erika Vasas, Anibal Dos Santos, and Gui Yuexuan.